Removable Docks & Boat Lifts

Not all docks and boat lifts are created equal. FLOE offers a complete line of boat lifts to accommodate most every recreational watercraft. FLOE’s innovation has led the way with both docks and boat lifts since 1983.


Roll-In Docks

FLOE Roll-In Docks are Ideal for:

  • Medium to hard bottoms
  • Mild to moderate slope
  • Less than 9’ deep at end of dock
  • Spacious shore area

Sectional Docks

FLOE Sectional Dock Systems work well in areas with:

  • Minimal storage space
  • Hilly terrain
  • Depths up to 6.5′
  • Can even use in muddy bottoms

Floating Docks

FLOE Floating Dock Systems work great when you have:

  • Frequent water depth fluctuation
  • Soft or muddy bottom
  • Deep Water

Dock Accessories

A wide variety of dock accessories that you can place anywhere along the side of your seasonal FLOE dock system. These accessories are really simple to take off your dock, so you can store them during the cold months.


See your dealer or use our interactive Design-A-Dock™  program below to create the perfect dock system.

Boat Lifts

Vertical Boat Lifts

FLOE offers vertical boat lifts that can accommodate watercraft up to 10,000 lbs.

PWC Lifts

FLOE’s personal watercraft lifts offer a trouble-free, economical solution for small boats and PWCs up to 1600 pounds.

Canopies For Boat Lifts

FLOE boat lift canopies offer greater boat protection than competitors’ lifts with their extra deep fabric and framework. Your canopy will not blow in or up and will keep your boat fully covered.

Seasonally Installed Systems

Permanently Installed Systems

Seasonally Installed Systems

Permanently Installed Systems