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FLOE Pro-Tektor™ Enclosures

The enclosed trailer that tows so easily you’ll think it’s an open bed trailer! FLOE’s gull-wing style Pro-Tektor™ enclosures combine exceptional aerodynamic design and phenomenal protection into one great looking, easy-to-use trailer.


Snowmobile being unloaded from the Pro-Tecktor trailer.

The Pro-Tektor™ trailer features front and rear access doors to provide easy, safe loading and unloading. The doors are mounted with FLOE’s exclusive, continuous extruded hinge design and feature two gas shocks to make opening and closing smooth and easy. The white enclosures attach to the trailer frame with corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware.

The 54″ interior height accommodates a large variety of equipment, and a variety of length options are available including 12′, 14′, 16′, 22′ and 28′ sizes. Enclosures can be ordered on new aluminum trailers or even added later to FLOE open-bed trailers as your budget allows. 

Pro-Tektor™ trailers also feature a limited 10 year warranty on the aluminum structure.

Pro-Tektor™ Features

Gull Wing Doors

Style…Function…Protection. The Pro-Tektor™ has it all! The aerodynamic front and rear gull wing doors are standard on all Pro-Tektor™ trailers, providing a high overhead clearance. Dual gas shock assist allows for easy access and a full-length hinge gives lasting quality and protection.

Pro-Tecktor gull wing doors.
Door locks on the Pro-Tecktor trailer.

Lockable Doors

Each gull wing and side door comes standard with key-locking latches to keep your valuables safe. The locks also ensure that the latch and door remain in a secure position during transport. The gull wings strong handles include rubber boots to cover the latch handles to keep them free of corrosion and debris, and will last the life of your trailer.

Rock Guard

The rock guard protects the trailer from damage in critical areas and comes standard on all enclosed trailers. This 14″ tall diamond plate panel on the front and rear doors is great looking, adds value and increases the lifespan of the enclosure.

Rock Guard on Pro-Tecktor trailer.
Side vent for Pro-Tecktor trailer.

Enclosure Vent

This vent prevents overheating and helps to maintain dry atmosphere inside the enclosure. It balances the interior and exterior pressure and comes standard on all enclosed trailers.

Side Access Door

When you need to toss in that one last thing, use the lockable side access door! Great for loading/unloading or securing your gear. Single doors are standard on all 16’ and 22’ enclosures and four doors are provided on 28’ enclosures.

Side access door on Pro-Tecktor trailer.
Spare tire on Pro-Tecktor trailer.

Optional Enclosure Spare Tire Carrier

Keep your spare wheel/tire protected from the elements with the optional enclosure spare tire carrier. Using the Versa-Lock/Versa-Track system, your carrier will be mounted at the perfect height so it won’t impede you loading or unloading your stuff but it’s easy to access if the need should arise! Spare tire and wheel sold separately.

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