FLOE Trailers

We make trailers that are functional for any situation you may need a trailer for. Check out the trailers we offer below.

VersaMax™ RT


VersaMax™ UT

CargoMax™ Trailers

CargoMax™ is the sport utility trailer that is redefining an industry! The industry’s only Ultra Body™ and fender system that is guaranteed to never rust, rot or need paint – ever!

VersaMax™ UT Trailers

Versa-Max™ UT trailers are the result of 38 years of aluminum trailer design and manufacturing. They are the highest quality and most functional all-aluminum utility trailer available.

Versa-Max™ RT Trailers

If you are looking for a ramp trailer, the Versa-Max™ is the perfect solution. Versa Max trailers allow you to quickly load up your stuff and get to where you want to be – hassle-free!

Pro-Tektor™ Enclosure

The enclosed trailer that tows so easily you’ll think it’s an open bed trailer! FLOE’s gull-wing style Pro-Tektor™ enclosures combine exceptional aerodynamic design and phenomenal protection into one great looking, easy-to-use trailer.

Seasonally Installed Systems

Permanently Installed Systems

Seasonally Installed Systems

Permanently Installed Systems