Republished from NATDA Magazine Sept/Oct 2018

Introduced in 2014, the FLOE CargoMax XRT multi-functional trailer keeps stirring the utility trailer pot. Unrivaled in its construction and function, the game-changing trailer, if the competition isn’t careful, could render the archetypal, antiquated steel-frame and wood-box trailer obsolete. With 3 more sizes added to the line-up, this powerhouse trailer has created a new category of utility trailers.

FLOE, a savant company when it comes to manipulating aluminum, has merged the core properties of aluminum with the most progressive use of highly impact- and UV-resistant polymers. As an aside, the rotary thermoforming machine in FLOE’s 40,000 square foot facility is the largest of its kind in the world. A true testimony to FLOE’s progressive thinking and elite engineering.

CargoMax owners sing the trailer’s praises. “The FLOE CargoMax is the Swiss Army Knife trailer,” says outdoor writer and father of three, Jim Edlund. “Goes from ATV hauler to use around the cabin or food plot with ease.”

The bed continues to be the real story. Formed from high-molecular-weight resins, the finished polymer bed is amazingly impact resistant…and strong. At 8-feet long, with the support of FLOE’s professional-grade aluminum frame, the CargoMax XRT 8-57 yields a monstrous 1,800 lb. carrying capacity with the larger sizes holding 2,000 lbs. “That’s enough capacity to tow any ATV, not to mention deer stands and a couple big bucks to go with it,” says FLOE Chief Sales Officer Don VanderMey. The strength of the bed not only comes from its premium polymers, but also its intelligent design. The base of the bed is critically structured with longitudinal ribs to maximize strength and durability. And tucked in the depressions between those ribs you’ll find a series of integrated, collapsing tie-downs that connect directly to the CargoMax XRT’s robust, extruded aluminum frame.

From frame-strength, the conversation shifts to suspension. Whereas the garden-variety utility trailer offers only feeble leaf-springs, the CargoMax features full rubber torsion independent suspension to keep your driving pleasures peaked even when towing with a small car. The right mix of trailer models is an ongoing merchandising aspect for trailer dealers. Having CargoMax in the lineup is a great way to show a wide selection that includes the latest in utility trailer technology.


As the owner of Grandville Trailer, I always strive to look for current and new ideas in the trailer industry. I also maintain a high level of quality on the trailers we sell. I’m not sure how I first heard about the CargoMax but as soon as I saw one I was intrigued. The CargoMax gives a new and attractive look to the everyday utility trailer. The engineering of this trailer and the versatility is second to none. As soon as we became a dealer I bought one for myself. I love these trailers – handy to use, rugged and tough, worry free. In the first year as a dealer we were dealer of the year. We sold 36 CargoMax XRT 857’s that year and have never looked back. Whenever I’m working with a customer that needs a smaller utility trailer, the CargoMax is usually the first one I show them. Having mine for several years and using it on average once a week year round has made it a pleasure to sell them. I always tell the customer I own one and love it! I also am very pleased with the profit margins I make on this trailer and respect the retail price policy FLOE has to ensure other dealers aren’t heavily discounting this great product and we all make money. Thank you FLOE for making such a great product.


David Tosh – President, Grandville Trailer


I own a pickup but didn’t want the expense of it, yet needed a trailer for hauling things every once in a while. I searched trailers in my area and the first one I saw was the FLOE Cargo Max XRT. I was so impressed I called my wife over to the computer to watch the videos. I’m 58 and am so tired of trying to buy a quality trailer when all I find are trailers that are cheap and poorly built. The Cargo Max is worry free, rust free, made in America, 290 pounds, fuel efficient for pulling and can carry 1800 pounds! Thank you for making the perfect trailer!


Larry Adams – Grand Haven, Michigan


There is a growing number of retailers offering the innovative Cargo Max. To find out how to add this unique trailer to your roster, contact Gary Johnson at garyj@floeintl.com

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