The 2023 Varatti Z-Series Towboats

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The all-new Varatti Z-Series towboats powered  by 
Mercury® MerCruiser® 6200 H.O 6.2L Tow Sport Marine Engines

The 2023 Varatti Towboats lineup follows nobody and has no restrictions. 


After years of testing, countless revisions, and the use of computational fluid dynamics for modeling, the Floe Craft engineering team is proud to introduce the all-new Z-Series hull.  This hull has been tested for speed, performance, and Watersports and we are confident it is the most efficient, highest-performing wake boat. Put simply, it is the only family waterski boat, that wake surfs too. The Varatti is powerfully simplistic in predefined software presets from Tubing to Advanced slalom, all at the touch of a button. 


Coupled with the Varatti EZ-Dock system, using Mercury® MerCruiser® Joystick Piloting controls, Varatti is the only boat in the World that digitally integrates the transmission with Bow and Stern Thrusters giving you complete control. It is the safest boat ever for picking up a downed skier or surfer, as well as lining up the next set; docking, launching, and loading is a breeze. Beyond safety, Varatti instantly turns the newest boat operator into a pro and takes all the work from the most veteran of inboard operators.  Schedule your Varatti demo today!

Launch our 3D Varatti Boat Building experience to design your brand-new Z-Series boat. Our interactive Boat Builder will allow you to customize every detail of your unique design with multiple gelcoat patterns, exterior and interior colors, and so much more. Share your design on social media and schedule your test drive with your local dealer.

2 Unique Gelcoat Patterns, Including Flake on Flake on Flake
20 Different Gelcoat Colors including 12 Metal Flakes
Tan, Slate, and Arctic White Interiors
Tan and Grey Nonskid Flooring Options 

Launch the boat builder by clicking here. 

Joy Stick Piloting

For simple, stress-free dockside maneuvering and rapid return to the rider.

No experience, no worries! Varatti is the first to offer a fully integrated joystick piloting system on a surf/wakeboard/ski boat!


Joy Stick Control takes the stress out of parking in crowded, tight areas. A novice can immediately learn to maneuver their boat more precisely than an experienced driver without a joystick.

Wake Control System​

You can go from a mild slalom to a wild surf wake with a push of a button.

Personalize your wake to fit your style or ability. From massive hard pushing, clean-faced surf wakes to a smooth low slalom wake, Varatti offers the most advanced wake control system on the market! Whether you want to surf, board or ski, the wake control presets immediately allow you to accommodate every rider in the boat. When it comes to fine-tuning your ride, Varatti makes it easy for you to create your own custom profile. So go ahead, we understand it’s a personal thing!

Premium Sound System

Premium Rockford Fosgate stereo.

Playlist Locked, Loaded and Loud

That’s what it takes to create a sophisticated hull with no restrictions. The hull is designed to plane quickly, cut waves crisply, and create a perfect slalom or surf wake and a silky smooth ride. Exactly how all that happens is technical in nature, but one thing for sure is if you want to do it, it can be done, thanks to a little magic and the Varatti’s multi-sport hull.


Turn the volume way up and set the tone for the day. Our premium Rockford Fosgate® sound system is crisp, clean, and clear. Bring your tunes, grab your friends and get the party started and we guarantee our sound system will keep it going.


  • Dash head unit with AM/FM/Weatherband, Bluetooth streaming, 2-auxillary inputs, 1000 watt 5 channel amp
  • 6 – 8″ speakers – 4 cockpit, 2 bow
  • 12″ subwoofer


  • 2 or 4 – 6″ or 8″ Rockford Fosgate Punch tower speakers with 600 watt amp
  • Additional stern head unit
  • Wireless remote

High-Performance Mercury Power

Powered by the Industry Icon, Mercury Marine

Varatti is exclusively powered by Mercury® MerCruiser® 6200 H.O 6.2L Tow Sport Engines

The 6200HO tow sport inboard engines are designed expressly for the demands of tow sports athletes, reaching peak torque at surf and board speeds. They have abundant power to pop skiers out of the water while delivering outstanding fuel efficiency to keep gas dock visits at a minimum.

A 6.2-liter V-8 engine with unparalleled torque 410 ft/lb, and acceleration to get you on plane quickly and smoothly.

The Varatti Mercruiser 6200 brings  5-year worry-free warranty coverage and a North American global dealer network of over 5,000 service centers. This means service is always nearby if you should need it.


Mercury Marine

The Rider Experience

See world-class performance across the spectrum of wake sports.

Where can you find Varatti?

Varatti products are sold through a professional dealer network across the US and Canada. Use our dealer locator to schedule your Varatti demo.

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Seasonally Installed Systems

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